Papua New Guinea gained independence in 1975. This followed several years of internal self-rule by a democratically-elected Chief Minister and Government.

Universal adult suffrage is enjoyed by the population and there is freedom of the press and of speech.

Judicial BranchThe National Government consists of three independent branches - the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. Executive power is vested in the National Executive Council (NEC) or Cabinet, which comprises the Prime Minister and usually about 27 Ministers.

There are 19 provinces in Papua New Guinea as well as the National Capital District. The provincial governments have a similar constitutional arrangement to the National Government and have concurrent power with the latter in areas such as agriculture, business development, town planning, forestry and natural resources. National laws, however take precedence over provincial laws if there is conflict.

Papua New Guinea is an active member of the Commonwealth. The ceremonial Head of State is the Governor-General who, while elected by Parliament, represents the British monarch.


Papua New Guinea On Line
Has listing of most government departments and governmental agencie.

Prime Minister’s Department
The Prime Minister’s official website, which publishes his press and policy statements, provides up-to-date information about our Government generally, Ministers of Cabinet, our major policies, and the Government's vision for its people, and related information.

Department of Mineral Resources
The Department of Mineral Resources is the department responsible for the regulating, monitoring, promoting and recording of mineral exploration and mining activity in Papua New Guinea.

Investment Promotion Authority
The IPA implements policies and programs aimed at increasing total annual investments (including FDI), greater increases in non-mining sector investments and increasing the level of investments financed by the domestic sector.
The IPA is a statutory organization established in 1992 by an Act of Parliament to promote and facilitate investment in Papua New Guinea.

Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Papua New Guinea has an extensive and valuable fisheries sector ranging from inland river fisheries, aquaculture, and coastal beach de mer and reef fisheries to the prawn trawl and large scale deep-water tuna fisheries. The range of participants’ covers artisanal community to medium sized domestic prawn and tuna long line operators to large international purse seine fleets in the deepwater tuna fisheries.

The PNG fisheries zone of 2.4 million square kilometers is the largest in the South Pacific.

Bank of Papua New Guinea

Internal Revenue Commission

Department of Agriculture

Office of Civil Aviation

Office of Bougainville Affairs

Office of Information and Communication

Department of Defence

Department of Health

Department of Justice

Department of Trade and Industry

Department of Petroleum and Energy

Department of Treasury and Planning

Telecommunications Authority

National Statistical Office


The Government of Papua New Guinea maintains cordial relation with other countries.

Papua New Guinea’s economic trading and development partners include, but not limited to, the United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, China, Germany, Great Britain, Malaysia as well as other APEC member countries.

The PNG Government’s conduct of international diplomacy and foreign affairs is done primarily by and through the department and ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, presently headed by the Rt. Honourable Sir Rabbie L. Namaliu, KCMG, MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration and the Secretary of the Department of the is Gabriel K. Pepson, a seasoned diplomat, who had previously served as PNG’s Ambassador to the European Union in Brussels for over 7 years.

The contact details of the respective offices of the Minister and Secretary are provided below:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration
Office of the Minister
P. O. Box 422
Waigani, NCD
Papua New Guinea
Telephone (675) 301 4206
Facsimile (675) 301 4103

Department of Foreign Affairs and Immigration
Office of the Secretary
P. O. Box 422
Waigani, NCD
Papua New Guinea
Telephone (675) 301 4121
Facsimile (675) 325 4886

PNG’s embassies, high commissions and consulates worldwide not only help ensure that PNG effectively maintains its political and diplomatic relations with its key partners and allies but also through diplomatic overseas missions. PNG seeks to represent, promote and advance its wide array of socio-economic, political and strategic and economic interests in the countries and regions where (and with which) PNG has diplomatic relations.

PNG’s Ambassador to the United States is concurrently accredited to Canada and Mexico, though the Head of Mission is resident in Washington, DC. In addition to PNG’s Washington Embassy, PNG presently maintains a number of other diplomatic missions:


Permanent Mission of Papua New Guinea to the United Nations
Permanent Resident/Ambassador Robert Aisi
201 East 42nd Street
Suite 405
New York, NY 10017
Telephone (212) 557-5001
Telefax (212) 557-5009

Consulate of Papua New Guinea
Consul General Paul Nerau
Christie Center
320 Adelaide Street
Level 11/Suite 8
GP.O. Box 220
Brisbane QLD 4001
Phone (617) 3221 7915
Facsimile (617) 3229 6084

Papua New Guinea High Commission
High Commissioner Renagi Lohia
39 – 41 Foster Crescent, Yarralumla
P.O. Box E432
Kingston, ACT 2604
Phone (612) 62 73 3322
Facsimile (612) 62 73 3732

Papua New Guinea Embassy
Ambassador Isaac B. Lupari
Av. De Tervuren 430
1150 Brussels
Kingdom of Belgium
Telephone 32 (02) 7790609
Facsimile 32 (02) 7727088

Papua New Guinea Embassy
Ambassador Max Rai
Floor 2 - 11 2/F
Tayuan Diplomatic Office Building
Chao Yang District
BEIJING 100600
Phone (8610) 6532 4709
Facsimile (8610) 6532 5483

Papua New Guinea High Commission
High Commissioner Alexis Maino
Credit Corporation (3rd Floor)
P.O Box 2447
Government Building
Suva, Fiji Islands
Phone (679) 330 4244
Facsimile (679) 330 0178

Papua New Guinea Embassy
Charge d’ Affairs, a. i. Fred Sarufa
Panin Bank Centre (6th Floor)
Jalan jendral Sudirman No. 1
Jakarta 10270
Phone (6221) 725 1218
Facsimile (6221) 7201012

Consulate of Papua New Guinea
Acting Consul General John Taunakekei
P.O. Box 1947
Jayapura Iran Jaya Province
Telephone (62967) 532150
Facsimile (62967) 531898

Papua New Guinea Embassy
Ambassador Michael Maue
Mita Kokusai Building 3F, 313
4-28 Mita 1 Chome
Minato – Ku
Tokyo 108-0073
Phone (813) 454 7801
Facsimile (813) 454 7275

Kuala Lumpur
Papua New Guinea High Commission
High Commissioner Peter P. Maginde
No. 11 Lingkungan Uthant
55000 Kuala Lumpur
Phone (603) 4257 9260
Facsimile (603) 4257 6203

Papua New Guinea High Commission
High Commissioner Lucy B. Bogari
279 Williis Street
PO Box 197
Wellington, NZ
Phone (64) 4 385 2474
Facsimile (64) 4 385 2477

Papua New Guinea Embassy
Ambassador Damien Gamiandu
3rd Floor
Corinthian Plaza Building
Paseo de Roxas
Legaspi Village, Makati City
Telephone (632) 811 3466
Facsimile (632) 811 3468


Papua New Guinea High Commission
High Commissioner Ponabe Yuwa
Solomon Islands
Phone 20561
Facsimile 20562

Papua New Guinea High Commission
High Commissioner Jean L. Kekedo
14 Waterloo Place
London SWIR 4AR
Phone (44) 20 7930 0922
Facsimile (44) 20 7930 0828

The countries with which PNG maintains diplomatic relations conduct their diplomacy and international affairs through their respective appropriate departments and agencies. These include the following:

1. United States of America

United States Department of State, Washington, DC

2. Canada
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ottawa

3. Mexico
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico

4. Australia
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Canberra

5. New Zealand
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Wellington

6. Japan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo

7. China
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China

8. United Kingdom
Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London

9. Philippines
Department of Foreign Affairs, Manila

10. Malaysia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kuala Lumpur

11. Fiji
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Suva

12. Solomon Islands, Honiara
Department of Foreign Affairs

13. Indonesia
Department of Foreign Affairs, Jakarta

14. Belgium
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brussels

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